Monday, 30 October 2017

How Often Should You Floss?

Probably the one thing that everyone doesn’t like to do is floss. You go into the dentist, they say hello, and they ask you a few questions, one of them being “hey, have you been flossing” and then you awkwardly have to answer no, apologize profusely, and the dentist might make a few quips about it. Even if you lie about it, they will know, and they’ll still make that quip. You’re not alone in this, and flossing is one of the hardest habits for you to adopt, even if you did it at a young age.

Now, there are many reasons why people hate flossing, but if you don’t do it, there are consequences to be had. If you don’t floss, you’ll start to collect debris and bacteria in between the cracks and gums and this can lead to infections. If you have bleeding, inflamed, or infected gums, this can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, and it can all be avoided if you started to floss, getting it out of your cabinet.

It’s a super important part of good hygiene, but how many times should you be doing it, and what is the most effective way to get into doing this sort of thing.

Well, the ideal state of doing this is once a day. you should do it once, no matter if it’s in the morning or at night, whether before or after is also a moot point as well. You should ideally try to do it as early as possible if you’re hesitant about doing it, and it also will reduce your chances of forgetting if you do it later. Even doing it right before bed can help too, since it can be implemented into your routine. Some people like to do it in the middle of the day, whether it be during their bathroom break or something, whatever works for them. This in turn will help with the teeth and gums are well.

You should make sure that you floss in between each too, grabbing floss that’s about 12-14 inches long. Wrap it around each side of the index fingers in both hands and use the floss to help stabilize all of this. from there, go down the vertical face of each tooth, go across the gap, and then up the next side. You can then do it between each tooth, in order to get the extra particles that you might’ve missed. This will allow you to continue to do this, and it definitely is something that you should implement.

You might worry about blood coming out of your gums when you first do it. That’s actually sometimes what happens if you don’t floss a whole lot. That extra debris and inflamed gums can sometimes showcase itself, and you’ll learn at this point that it’s imperative to do this. It’s not a bad thing to do, and when you do take care of your gums, you’ll be able to take care of your oral health too.

Some even say that it’s more important than brushing your teeth. Sure, you won’t have as pretty of teeth if you’re just flossing, but if you want to keep the teeth nice and strong, getting all the debris that ends up there, you will definitely want to make sure that you floss. Ideally, you do both, since this will allow for the optimum oral health, and your Dentist Chandler AZ will totally thank you.

So yes, flossing is super important. It might not be fun, and it might be quite annoying because it does take a little bit of dexterity, but in truth, it can be the best thing for you to do with your teeth, and it will allow you to have way more wellness as a result of these actions as well. Do take the time to ensure that you’re taking care of your teeth, and do make sure that you’re doing it in an effective manner. You owe it to yourself to have the best oral health possible, and by doing this, it will allow you to have a much longer and better oral health and wellness. 

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